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How is it built?

The Cube is constructed using standard building materials, which we are sourced so they are from environmentally responsible sources. For example there is no particle board involved in the construction, and where ever possible we use wood that is FSC certified. We meet or exceed all relevant Canadian building codes. 

What about water / power / sewage?

The unit is set up so it gets its power, water, and sewage disposal handled by the primary house on the lot. It has its own sewage pumping system which allows it to be up to 300 feet from its support house.

What will it cost to insure my cube?

Insurance would be available through Rogers Insurance. We have contacted a couple and from our information expect that insurance would be approximately $350 per year.

What are the power & heating requirements of my cube?

We recommend that the unit has its own dedicated circuit on the support house, with at least 30 amps available. We have a solar version available that does not require to be plugged into the support house for power. We keep the unit comfortably warm with a 1000 watt oil filled heater. Propane heat is also available.


I have a question I don’t see here. Where do I get the answer?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have! Email us at