For such a small home, you’ll find you have a LOT of choices!. 

Your 10×10 Pure cube home, constructed with 2×6 lumber ensuring R22 insulation in the walls, exceeds code requirements! The roof is insulated to R30 which also exceeds the code requirements. All windows and doors are double pane, and low E high thermal efficiency windows are an option that is available. Due to the low pitch of the roof we use a torch on membrane to ensure building integrity.  An option is available for a metal roof.  If the client is in a ski area, a roof with larger joists is required to be able to handle the higher snow loads. 

The unit is constructed on site and can be placed on pier blocks or an alternative foundation of the client’s choice.

The interior is finished with drywall, and has has one priming coat of paint.

The floor is finished in a floating engineered floor, other options are available. The bathroom is complete with toilet, sink, shower, and a shower sump system.


The kitchen is complete with sink, taps, counter, wall cabinets. Options are available for an induction cook top, or propane stove, a dishwasher, microwave, a combination microwave / oven / grill.

The bedroom is complete with lighting, and shelving.

The deck size is selectable by the client and cost is site dependant.

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