The average Canadian 1 bedroom apartment produces 5 tons of Carbon Dioxide a year.

The average European 1 bedroom apartment produces 2.7 tons of Carbon Dioxide a year.

A Cube produces 0.8 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year.

When we sat down with a blank sheet of paper to design the Cube, we decided what we wanted to achieve when we started out building the cube. To produce the least amount of waste possible, and house two people in as small a space as would be practical and comfortable. One of the main reasons that we picked the 12×12 size is that most material comes in 8 foot or 12 foot lengths. Plywood is in 4×8 sizing.

We produced in total one small pickup load of waste in the construction of our pilot unit, and we made some mistakes! We estimate that we can reduce this by 50% in subsequent units.

The Cube is stylish, comfortable, and makes a definite statement – you care.

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