Cities have rules about these things, but you’ll likely find your municipality really likes the idea of affordable housing in their communities, and they’ll make things relatively easy for you!

Different municipalities have different requirements regarding building size, set backs, etc.

In a lot of areas our 10×10 Pure unit is too small to require a building inspection – though it is best to enquire first. In this case the Cube can be constructed on a pier block type foundation.

If the customer selects the more spacious 12×12 Cappuccino unit, a fully inspected foundation is required, and permits need to be applied for. Under the current “Carriage House” regulations, the Cube can be constructed on a corner lot, a lot with lane way access, or a lot of over 10,000 square feet.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for about zoning for a cube in your area? We’d be happy to help. Write us at info@twelve3.ca.